Larger chain coffee roasters typically buy huge lots of coffee. They roast it fast and dark in large batches for efficiency, consistency, and to mask defects. Their espresso "roasts" are often covered in oil (which goes rancid when exposed) and almost black in color. To make matters worse, they often keep coffee on the shelves for months on end.

Unless stored in a deep freeze, coffee is only fresh for 2 weeks to 1 month.

At enlightenCOFFEEroasters, we take the opposite approach: We buy only the finest small lots of specialty coffee. We roast in small batches. We roast slow, light, and only when you place your order. Our inventory constantly changes. Coffee is a crop, and beans from the same farm can vary from stellar to undrinkable from one lot to the next. Even our espresso blends (there is no set "roast" for espresso) show very little oil. Our coffees are always fresh when delivered, and stay fresh longer due to keeping most of the essential oils IN the beans, not on the surface.

Don't just drink your coffee to wake up. Why should coffee be a commodity, when it can be a culinary delight? Join the Light Side, and see just how much you've been missing.